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Din hobby pentru electronice

Magnetic switch

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The magnetic switch module is based on encapsulated dry reed switch MKA14103. MKA14103 is single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts. The sensor is a double-ended type and may be actuated with an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both. The magnetic switch is a wonderful tool for designers who would like to turn a circuit on and off based on proximity.



  • 2.0cm x 2.0cm module
  • Low standby current
  • Minimum external parts
  • 10W rating
  • Rugged encapsulation



Working voltage (V): min.4.75, max.5.25, norm.5.00
Switched power (W): min.10, max.10, norm. 10.00
Switched voltage AC, RMS value (max) (V): min.<140, max. <140, norm. <140
Switched current DC (mA): min.<500, max.<500, norm.<500                                                                                  Carry current DC (A): min.<0.5, max.<0.5, norm.<0.5  
Contact resistance (m Ohm): min.<200, max.<200, norm.<200
Insulation resistance (M Ohm): min.>106, max.>106, norm.>106
Operating temperature (OC): min.-40, max.125, norm.-
Operate range (AT): min.10, max.40, norm.-     


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