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DEW Sensor HDS05

9,47RON cu TVA

Senzor roua, compatibil cu platformele de dezvoltare Arduino.

 Product Description

The dew sensor HDS05 is a kind of switching-mode element, sensitive only to high-humidity, working under DC. It's used to protect equipments from dew because its high precision and quick response.


*Small, light

*High sensitivity under high-humidity circumstance

*Switching function

*Quick response


*Excellent reliability and stability 


Technical specification

Working voltage: 0.8V DC(Max)  
Working temperature range: 0-100Celsius  
Working relative humidity range: 0-100%RH  
Dimensions: 8*10*0.7mm  
Resistance: 75%RH, 10K ohm(average)
93%RH, 100K ohm(average)
95%RH, 200K ohm(min)  

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