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IBoard-Arduino with Ethernet,Wireless shield,POE,Micro SD

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Platforma de dezvoltare bazata pe microcontrollerul ATMega 328, pregatitia pentru conexiuni  LAN, WIFI, XBee sau Bluetooth. Este programabil pe interfata ISP folosind programatorul USBtinyISP-Arduino bootloader programmer sau programator FTDI.

Atentie, IO-urile suporta un consum maxim de 40 mA - a nu se alimenta consumatori care au nevoie de curent mai mare de 40 mA !



Iboard is a unique Arduino board which features a WIZnet ethernet port, an XBee socket, nRF24L01+ module interface and an ATMega328. This board will add wireless XBee / nRF24L01+ control as well as internet connectivity to your projects. It’s great for anything from home automation to robot control. The possibilities are endless!

Iboard can be used as an Ethernet, wireless communication project development platform. Iboard support POE (power on Ethernet) power supply, and Micro SD for mass storage. There are some 3pin electronic brick / sensor brick interface breakout on board, it offers an easy way for a quick prototyping.

You can setup a web server through which you may communicate with a remote Arduino using XBee radios, bluetooth or APC modules. This information can be posted to a web site, or to Twitter.

The board requires FTDI basic board to upload sketch. Iboard can be powered by a mini USB, power Jack or POE. 


IBoard - Arduino with Ethernet and Wireless development platform


Iboard is designed to be compatible with SD and Wiznet libraries from Arduino ide, and all demo code can be downloaded directly here.



 Microcontroller: ATMega328P

 Max Frequency: 16MHz

 RAM Capacity: 2K

 FLASH Capacity: 32K

 External Resources

  • Onboard SD socket
  • Onboard Ethernet
  • Electronic Brick Interface

 Power Supply

  • External 12V
  • External 24V
  • External 3.3V
  • External 7V
  • External 9V
  • USB 5V

 I/O Operation Level: 3.3V

 Board Size: 80mm x 54mm

 Weight: 45.00g




Useful links

 Make StripInvaders Cheaper: Use An IBoard:

 RF24 and RF24 Network libraries that support nRF24L01 on iBoard

RF24 Library Link:

RF24Network Library Link:

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