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Convertor analog-digital digital-analog, PCF8591 (AD-DA)

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Modulul AD_DA Module – PCF8591 are un singur convertor DAC (digital la analog) si 4 ADCs (convertoare analog la digital), toate accesibile prin magistrala I2C.



Have you ever wanted more analog input pins on your Arduino project, but not wanted to fork out for a Mega? Or would you like to generate analogue signals? It solves both these problems as it has a single DAC (digital to analogue) converter as well as four ADCs (analogue to digital converters), all accessible via the I2C bus. 

This PCF8591 module operates on 3.3~5V,so can be used with an Arduino Due, Raspberry Pi or other 3.3 V development board. The DAC on the PCF8591 has a resolution of 8-bits, so it can generate a theoretical signal of between zero volts and the reference voltage (Vref) in 255 steps. There is also a temperature sensor and light sensor on the board so you get the current temp&light with this module.


  • I2C Address:0b1001000x(x:R/W)
  • 4 Channel 8-bit A/D convertor
  • One Channel D/A convertor
  • On-board temprature sensor(select with jumper P4) and light  sensor (select with jumper P5)
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