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Din hobby pentru electronice

BMS protectie, echilibrare acumulatori 2S Litiu 18650, 4A

10,90RON cu TVA

BMS protectie, echilibrare acumulatori 2S 18650 Litiu, 4A, 7.4V. WH-2S80A.

Protectie la (supra) incarcare, (supra) descarcare, scurt-circuit.



(1) Built-in high-precision voltage detection circuit;

(2) The terminals connected to the charger use high voltage devices;

(3) Built-in three-stage overcurrent detection circuit (overcurrent 1, overcurrent 2, load short circuit);

(4) The charge and discharge of the battery can be controlled through the MOS tube;

(5) Wide operating temperature range: -40°C ~ +85°C;

(6) Low current consumption.



1.B+: connect with battery positive

2.MB: connect with battery 1 and battery 2 joint

3.B-: connect with battery negative

4.P+: connect with charging/discharging port positive (charging port/discharging port are commonly used)

5.P-: connect with charging/discharging port negative (charging port/discharging port are commonly used)

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